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USSEC consultants visited the Research Center of the largest Russian meat and feed producer- Cherkizovo Group


Following the customer’s invitation to discuss technical and practical aspects of soy quality and in an effort to endorse U.S. soy quality and explore new supply possibilities for continuing evolving Russian meat producing industries, USSEC consultants visited the Cherkizovo’s Research Center nearby Moscow and had technical discussions with specialists of the Center and of the Cherkizovo- Oils team.

Cherkizovo Group is Russia’s largest consumer-centric manufacturer of meat products. The Group ranks first in meat processing and aggregate poultry production, and ranks second in pork production. Cherkizovo Group encompasses 9 full cycle poultry production facilities, 16 modern pork production facilities, 8 meat processing plants and 9 feed mills. The Group also includes Tambov Turkey facility, a joint Russian-Spanish venture. In 2018, Cherkizovo Group produced 1 million tonnes of meat and meat products and 1.83 million tonnes of compound feeds being the largest feed producer in Russia.  As such, the company is committed to quality and from the leading position in meat and feed production remains one of the key prospects for U.S. soy.

Keepinghigh quality standards of operations and finished products requires a sustainable and reliable system of testing and quality control. The Research Center of Cherkizovo Group is the innovative laboratory complex of the world level. It makes possible to test any of the products produced at the Cherkizovo facilities and from outside clients. The USSEC consultants were welcomed by Dr. Sergii Shapovalov, Director of the Research Center, and by Dr. Yelena Kornilova, Head of Testing of Feeds and Animal Products Quality, who introduced their chief departments and the activities at their Lab. The ultra-modern laboratory has high-qualified personnel with average age around 30 years who use some of the most modern lab equipment capable to perform a wide range of analyses of raw materials and feed and food ingredients that go from dry matter or ash to mass spectrophotometry and gene sequencing.

Cherkizovo is investigating a new investment project dealing with a construction of soybean crushing plant in Lipetsk region of Russia to start a production of Hi-Pro soybean meal for internal consumption. The company is already implementing some livestock projects in this part of Russia. The USSEC consultants informed local managers about an importance of usage of high-quality soybeans for production of Hi-Pro soybean meal, problems with low crude protein content in local soybeans and opportunities and benefits of usage of US soybeans.  Dr. Chihaia shared the presentation “Factors affecting the Nutritional Quality of Soybeans and Soybean Meal: From field to Processing”.

The Cherkizovo specialists were very thankful to USSEC for the visit and look for further cooperation and new opportunities to receive modern knowledge on soy processing and quality control and technical training.

Fig.1. USSEC consultant, Dr. Iani Chihaia discussed with Cherkizovo’s Lab managers and specialists the soybean meal physical characteristics and ways to handle and use in feed formulation the data generated by the laboratory


Fig.2. USSEC consultants with specialists of Cherkizovo Research Center and Cherkizovo-Oils team.